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Saturday, March 10, 2007

This one's for Josh...

B'cuz he doubted. And I always admire doubters. We are the ones who make everyone else either open their minds or, you know, feel all superior and supercilious.

Either way, we can make fun of their hairstyles.

Doubt all, accept nothing, and use a good moisturizer.

Peace (Yeah, right.) out.


Blogger josh williams said...

I am one proud fella to have a post in my name, shite this is cool. But I doubt that you really meant it, you know in all sincerity. However, I approve and I suggest you continue posting and always use my name , its a good hook ,your signature a gimmick or some such .... I am something of a doubting jomas I suppose...Write on JW

18/3/07 00:03  
Blogger josh williams said...

After some time and much thought, this is one damn fine post! Strong Work! JW

19/3/07 22:41  
Blogger damnsle said...

I'm pretty sure I don't know what any of that means, but I think it makes me laugh. And Josh, my laugh is legendary.

24/3/07 22:49  
Blogger josh williams said...

You have one fine laugh if the legend is true. This is one fine post, the comment needs a little work, but I love the post...It stands up to time, everytime I read it, I glow. My Best JW

26/3/07 17:47  
Blogger josh williams said...

I never new the orgin of chamois, I figured it was just soft leather from a cow,I did not know how species specific it was, however with my new found knowledge I can incorperate it in my next sailing tips column. Oh wait till I spring this on the people. They now have synthetic chamois? I bet there is some knock off chomois cloths made of all manner of hides, rats perhaps? Thanks for the tip, you good people.

What is Chamois ?

Chamois is leather that is extremely soft, flexible, and absorbent.

Back to top

Why use Chamois Leather ?

Typically chamois leather is used to dry off surfaces after washing; this is due to the absorbency and softness of the leather, another fact being that grime particles are drawn away from the surface being cleaned. The particles are held within the hollow fiber of the leather, eliminating abrasion.

Back to top

How do I clean and dry my car with a Chamois ?

First wash car as recommended by manufacturer. Then use a Chamois to dry your car.
1) Rinse Chamois in water, wring out excess. - The chamois needs to be damp, but not wet to work.
2) Remove the majority of water by sweeping the Chamois over the car, wring out excess water as you proceed.
3) Buff any remaining damp areas until dry, again wringing as necessary.
4) Clean and dry your Chamois.

Back to top

How to care for my Chamois ?

Give it a good rinse in lukewarm water with a mild non-alkali soap, or mild detergent. Squeeze/wring Chamois to remove excess water. Gently stretch, and hang in area protected from direct sunlight and intense heat. Take care not to over dry.

Back to top

Why is my Chamois stiff ?

Chamois leather gets stiff when it is too dry, it will regain its softness with moisture or on wetting.

Back to top

How does The Original Chamois Company make Chamois Leather ?

Chamois leather is made from high quality sheep and lamb skin.
The skin is split into 2 pieces.
The flesh side being used for Chamois and the outer piece for other leather types.
The flesh side is Hot Drum Tanned in Genuine Cod Liver Oil.
Thus Giving the skin it unique character of Chamois Leather.
Chamois leather is then dry-cleaned to remove excess oil.
Final stages include buffing the leather with an abrasive wheel, removing any excess grain and fleshings.

Back to top

How is Chamois Leather measured ?

Area in square feet.
Being a natural product sizes may vary slightly, depending on humidity and temperature.
Our chamois is not sold in square shaped pieces, unless requested.
Please Note:
A 4.0sqft chamois; if cut square shaped, would measure 2.0ft x 2.0ft.

28/3/07 09:34  
Blogger damnsle said...

Dude, I totally deleted that post because even I was embarrassed at how asshole-ish I sounded.


I hate myself.

Plus, I found out that chamois are of the bovine family.

I blushed at my mistake.


28/3/07 21:03  
Blogger josh williams said...

No, do not fret, I learned alot and so shall my sailing club, you can apologise when I am fired from my job of tipster because I prattle on to much about the history of chamois. Bovine smovine, we are all cows,not you, but every one else. Gotta go I smell me some grass one of my
stomachs is hungry for! Thanks for the input, I am most prone to spread misinformation so stop me if I do start on a tangent of ignorance, for my sake.My best JW

28/3/07 22:05  
Blogger josh williams said...

This post is still my favorite, it stands up to time. Bravo!

3/4/07 17:49  
Blogger damnsle said...

Josh, your subtlety is out shown only by your subversivness.

I shall post again, but only because you want it so very, very bad.

Ohhaaahhhh…So bad.

7/4/07 20:36  

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