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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Things that happen in my head:

So, a man was walking in ancient Greece. He came to a village at the bottom of a mountain pass. He went up to a villager and asked how he might safely traverse the pass.
"Well, that pass is the domain of the Gorgons." said the villager. "To get through you would need to talk to Zola."
"Zola is the leader of the Gorgons?" asked the man.
"That's right." said the villager.

"Gorgon Zola is the big cheese."

Ba-dum bump.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL,LOL,LOL - It was just as funny as the first time!

22/11/08 12:51  
Anonymous sarah said...

It's not anon...It's meeeeee!

22/11/08 12:52  
Blogger josh williams said...

So who is the head cheese?

22/11/08 14:28  
Blogger damnsle said...

Head cheese is W served in aspic with various disgusting spices for flavor.

However, it is not very popular with the majority of intelligent humans and has been in fact decidedly pushed aside in favor of change, progress and the hope that Gorgon Zola is who it promises to be: A sharper, brighter and more appetizing cheese. In fact, head cheese isn't even really a cheese at all. It lied and cheated it's way into the category.

Sarah, btw, is my famous sister who has finally, AFTER 5 YEARS, decided that I was not lying when I told her that blogging was fun.

Welcome to the fucking party, whore.

22/11/08 20:40  
Blogger Lanie Painie said...

Party? Where's the party? Why wasn't I invited? I love cheese!

24/11/08 15:11  
Blogger Sarah said...

Takes one to know one - Beeyach! I know - witty,witty

8/12/08 16:16  

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