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Monday, April 23, 2007

Why I'm a Ridiculously Fabulous Geek

I bought a can of nuts. "Less than 50% peanuts"! the label proudly proclaimed. I didn't care. That's not why I got them.

I got them because I like to eat nuts out of the can, one at a time, with chop sticks.

That's not the only fun I rock out on. I'm an animal of outrageousness partying, with naked thighs.

Plus, I really, really like knock-off name brand purses. I have some sort of unholy Guccci Coach hybrid that my niece bought for me that I wish I could stop using, but it has, oh! So many useful pockets. Plus the hidden lead lined enriched plutonium panel which every middle eastern spy needs nowadays.

I really love chop sticks. They're so tappity-tappity-tap.


Blogger josh williams said...

Your a geek, why peanuts are not even in the nut family, they are a legume(sp) they grow in the dirt like worms or somethin'.Don't go changin'.

24/4/07 18:50  
Blogger damnsle said...

I found a T-Shirt once. I'm going to buy it for you. Because it made me laugh, and sadly, none of my friends understood why. I really, really, need new friends.

It said in bold, large, proud letters: "Your retarded."

The irony is enough to make me laugh so hard that I want to have sex every time. I really like that T-Shirt.

24/4/07 20:26  
Blogger SleekPelt said...

damnsle, what else do you eat with chopsticks?

25/4/07 11:26  
Blogger damnsle said...


25/4/07 13:06  
Blogger damnsle said...

It's messy and it takes a long time but it's worth it for the sense of accomplishment I get once I reach the bottom of the bowl.

Sorry about the delay between comments, there. I'm at work and I had to pretend to care for a bit and make it appears as tho I was doing actual work.

25/4/07 14:07  
Blogger josh williams said...

Thats a powerfull T Shirt will you buy me several?

25/4/07 18:18  
Blogger damnsle said...

I don't know. Will you be worth it several times?

25/4/07 21:23  
Blogger josh williams said...


26/4/07 23:15  

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