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Monday, January 25, 2010

Things I overhear at work even though I really, really don’t want to listen to the banalities spewed by these people

Person #1 (speaking of an older relative) “…And she quilts! Oh my god, the stitches are like 1/8 of an inch apart – perfect!”
Person #2 “That’s real quilting. People today, they use machines, that’s not real.” Said in a huffy, self righteous, judgmental tone.

Ok, first of all, this is the sort of shit I have to listen to all freaking day. Weep for me.

Second, why the fuck would using a sewing machine (I’m assuming the person meant a sewing machine; if something like a front loader was used to make a quilt, I could see the point) make it “not real”? Since when did taking advantage of time saving technology mean something has lost it’s veracity? I’m typing rather than using a quill pen. Does that make this rant any less real? Butter is no longer made using the exhausting hand churned method. Does that make butter not real? Well, actually, a lot of people refer to oleo, or margarine, or, as I like to call it, a bunch of gooey chemicals painted yellow, as butter. That is wrong. That is, in fact, not real butter. But beside the point!

The point is: I don’t like that person and the habitually huffy, self righteous, and judgmental pronouncements that come oozing over my cubical wall so that I leave work feeling like I’m lightly covered in slime from listening to such stupidity all day long.

THAT is the point.


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