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Monday, November 07, 2005

C’est pas ta faute

it’s not your fault
when the rain comes down
when the blood pools in the gutter
when the fist strikes already shattered bones.

it’s not your fault
when the world makes no sense
when trust is rewarded with hatred
when love is skewered and killed as a dreaded thing.

it’s not your fault
when books are burned
when information is forbidden
when people are kept in perpetual ignorance.

it’s not your fault
when stones fall with force
when women are killed for loving
when gang rape is ordered by courts as justice.

it’s not your fault
when small eyes cry
when infants are raped and sodomized
when it’s worse for them to not be killed.

it’s not your fault
when the sun comes up
when a child cries at finding herself still alive
when misery and pain are the best she can expect from the day.

it’s not my fault
that the world is slipping away
that you feel any guilt or pain at my words
that you feel nothing at all...


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