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Thursday, January 26, 2006


I want to flail my limbs
in graceful swoops.
I want to bend my back
with an ecstasy of movement.
I want my feet to forget the earth
and my hands to make love with the air;
I want to dance in love of my life again.

I want to remember my rhythm
I want to feel my history
I want to see my palms express my smiles.

I want to hear my thighs thrum
I want to taste my hair wave
I want to expand in my chest with the music I gulp.

The air is vibrant with the life I long for –
the music is sweet and the faces divine.
I want to become the instrument of your playing;
I want to become the instrument of my everything:
Je veux danser avec toi tantôt et toujours...
Et toujours.


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