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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Two Voices

I’ve bled a lot
And it all comes out the same
It’s good (god) to bleed
But I don’t bleed anymore
And I don’t do it
Like I did it
And I don’t feel

What I felt}

{Oh god to feel!

The love and the passion
I felt!

And I don’t know what I’m supposed to teach you
And I want you to know it’s ok to cry
And hurt and hate(
And I’m such a bed woman)

And I’m such a bad woman ( the difference in sex and fucking(
because oh it’s so nice when you aren’t! and then to do it and do it! And
)and making love is subtle)

Oh the women! and the men! and it’s so nice to be so sexy! And

And lick your lips in anticipation of your love
And your carnal pleasure…

Ignore what they say
go(o)d to be that close

oh darlings, fuck and lust and touch each other…..

oh! (I need to tell you to have fun!)


[oh oh how i love!!}



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