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Friday, November 25, 2005

Your Body

The sight of your body enflames me,
enslaves me,
makes me senseless:

The curve of your cheek
resting against my palm;
the look in your eyes makes me gasp.

Skin so soft as to make flowers weep –
makes my mind go numb for joy.
The dip of your waist
into the swell of your hip,
echoes the fullness of your breasts;
echoes the fullness of my heart.

The fall of your hair:
curling tendrils to capture my fingers,
to capture my lust.
Your scent breaking in waves
filling the space between us with your heat –
our heat.

The rising desire in your eyes
fills my body
hardening me
raising me
maddening me:

I can barely touch you with my hands
for wanting to crush you to me
I can barely put my lips to your skin
for wanting to bite you
consume you
make you part of me.

the violence of my lust
the burning of my desire
mounts into tenderness
by the trust in your eyes
by the love in your eyes
by the passion in your eyes.

Your head falls back
exposing your throat to me,
throwing your shoulders back
exposing your breasts to me:
Your demanding submission
is more than I can withstand
and I lose myself in your body –
I know nothing but your body
once I am in your body
I am your body:
I become your heart
because you are my soul.


Blogger Calzone said...

baby, you drive me mad

25/11/05 21:23  
Blogger damnsle said...

Well, I'd hate to think you were sane before, but thank you.

27/11/05 01:45  

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