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Saturday, April 08, 2006

What the fuck is CPE?

I'm no longer sick. Or at least, I'm no longer projectile vomiting against my bathroom walls as I make my way towards the toilet. So I have a question...

What's up with this CPE shit? As far as I can tell, and granted, I'm not that smart, but as far as I can tell the whole issue is about a bunch of over-privileged, whiny assed, spoiled children bitching that the other guys, i.e., those that came before them, got more than they are going to get.

As far as I can tell (and this very well may be wrong because I can't find news coverage from the student and union POV) the whole problem is that companies can fire employees under the age of 26 within a two year probation period for any reason. If this is true, and I pray that I am missing something, then I just want to say...GROW THE FUCK UP, YOUTH OF FRANCE!!! Welcome to my fucking world, where you have to prove your worth to an employer (for your whole career, not just the first two years, you pussies) to keep your job. In a lot of ways, France's work place rights are totally cool and I wish we (i.e. – countries other than France) could take advantage of such privileges. But see, the problem is that France is going bankrupt because of their welfare policies.

Now, I truly believe that government should support the people and not the other way around. I believe that everyone is entitled to free health care and a (financially) worry free retirement. HOWEVER, when excessively lenient social welfare programs lead to the bankruptcy of the country, then it may be time to look for alternative programs, or at least an overhaul of the existing ones. But that’s just the way I see it, and I throw up a lot, so I may be wrong.

I'm just a naked drunk bitch with wings.


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