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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

My God, My God, Why Did You Make Your Children So Stupid?

I want to know why "God damn", "Goddamn", "Godamn", "God dam" and other variations thereof are considered "bad", or "vulgar" or "blasphemous" (a term, by the way, which I was appalled to find out appears in legal texts as applying to criminally chargeable statutes). I've been told that it's because one of the "Commandments" is to not take God's name in vain.


But god is not a name, it's a title.

There are literally millions of gods throughout history, thousands of which are still "alive" today. How the hell (and by what arrogance) do the christians suppose I'm invoking their god? When I say “Goddamn it! I’ve lost the love of McDougal again! That fucking cheating bastard has a greased up knothole with pouty lips! Goddamn it!”, how does anyone presume to know that I’m not asking the god Mithra, or Baal or Lord Vishnu or Queen Elizabeth to damn McDougal? It’s not like I’m saying Yahwe (or Jayweh or Ya, way! or Satan, or however you spell it, I’m no scholar) damn him. THAT would be taking the christian god’s name in vain. Then I could see the christians getting their collective panties in a bunch.

But no one says that. I have never heard “Yahweh damn it!” from the lips of anyone, ever. I just googled the spelling, btw.

I’m just so tired of hearing bleeped out songs and stand up comic routines. It’s fucking annoying. We all know they’re saying “god” during the bleep. The “damn” part is OK, but saying the “god” part first is what makes it wrong. The irony makes me giggle. And then cry. Maybe everyone should start saying “Damngod!” instead. I bet THAT wouldn’t get bleeped.

Why are we catering to the sensibilities of people who looked at Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Bakker, Ted Haggard, and others of their ilk and said “Mmmhmm. Them’s good people. Mmmhmm.” even after said men had proved, beyond a shadow of doubt, their hypocrisy?

I don’t get it. Queen Elizabeth damn you all.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Fuck this Shit

It's 6 fucking degrees F right now, not counting the wind chill.

Fuck it. I'm getting naked and going to bed. If I die of hypothermia then it was just meant to be. If I don't, then that means that all my dreams were meant to come true and that Tinkerbelle really DOES exist!

I love these little bets with myself. I always win.

Bonne nuit et frosty nipples to you all!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

New from the land of Who Gives a Shit?

So anyway, I was talking to my dog groomer, which is weird because I don't have a dog, and he told me that the Superbowl was really just a bunch of hot guys (debatable point) getting together for purely commercial reasons. And I said "nu-uh it's totally about the competition" and then we did each others hair.

It was a good day. Tell me who wins, because I am so not watching.