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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Puberty part Deux: Discovering the "Secret Places" and What They Can Do

I just found a cool new use for my cleavage. It is excellently equipped and perfectly placed to hold my iPod shuffle. Not only is it handier than a pocket and cooler than that stupid laynard they give you, it's gratifying to be able to have a non-sexual use for my breasts that doesn't involve child birth. While I'll always respect other women's decision to reproduce and replenish the population (go team!) I myself am definately not suited for motherhood. I much prefer being a self-absorbed twit who's in thrall of her iPod.


why does it take me so long to figure things out?
little things i can get so quickly:

how to work a computer
how to speak French
how to manipulate my way out of problems.

But the bigger things, the real things:
just because i’ve never been told the truth
doesn’t mean
i don’t already possess it.






jesus i’m freakin’ old.

fuck 'em

Yeah, I pretty much just don't care anymore. I need to start writing again for many reasons: it feels good, it will (hopefully) keep my brain from melting, and maybe it will piss someone off. Or maybe it will just help shut up the voices (I’m starting to get weird looks from people at work when they keep finding me huddled in a corner of my cube, clutching a fistful of my hair and weeping.) But, as I say (my new motto), Fuck 'em. (I wonder if I can work parentheses into every sentence.) I am going to start posting poetry here, both my own awful stuff and other stuff that I come across and like. God I hope I don't infringe any copyrights. I'll have to look into that, cuz that'd suck. If anyone reads this, great. If no one but my mom and my demons read it (strangely enough, those often actually are the same people/entities) that's great too. Oh, and I'm trying to teach myself French. So if anyone does actually read this and they know any useful French phrases or insults or (please god) cuss words, feel free to send them to me. Or aim them at me, whatever.