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Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Prom

...and then they laughed at me once more. The cries and the gales of mirth surrounded my head as my thoughts were bloody and my eyes danced. My feet were encased in jeweled slippers of finest silk; my legs were long and lean under lengths of satin. My bosom was heaving and my gun was heavy and my hair was sparkling in the light. All the world danced with me and all the music beat in time to my heart: Erratic and frantic and slightly manic, tired and hurried and entirely panicked, I made them all dance till dawn, till dawn. And I made them all dance till dawn.

A death’s mask rictus, a gentle nod, a flirt of lashes and a heart rending shriek. A twist of the hips, and hump of the mons, a flair of skirts and a taste of blood: these were all that was needed to make them look at me to look at me LOOK AT ME! And I made them all dance till dawn, till dawn. And I made them all dance till dawn.

Horrors and terrors and slightly worse things; tremendous deadly monsters and small soul sucking holes; hot flashes and cold spots, dead hands on your neck; the chill up your spine when you know the unknown is near:

“This is fun! Oh fun! Oh how much fun we shall have! Laugh now! Laugh loud! Be gleeful and merry! Be bright and young and oh! so much better than me!” and I shot at them one by one.

My laughter was light and gay and tinkling, my breath sour as an old grave. My footsteps in time to the lively music left trails in the blood behind.

“So smile, oh smile! You’d better damn smile, don’t think you’ll get out of here alive. I’ve barred all the doors, the windows are cement and the help you expect will never arrive. Yes, this I’ve learned: the help you expect will never arrive.”

And I made them all dance till dawn, till dawn. And I made them all dance till dawn.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Managements are Funny

This is the note I found taped to my front door when I got home from work today:

Dear Residents,

The power company has informed us that the power to all of the buildings will be shut off on Saturday July 14th from the hours of 7:00 am until Noon. We apologize for the obvious inconvenience this will cause and hope that this will be the end of the electrical supply for the property.


Well, good lord, I hope not. I laughed until I peed my pants.